Into the top of a double boiler, place chocolate. In the bottom pot of the double boiler, place just enough water to touch the smaller pan and bring to a low boil over medium heat. Chocolate will begin to melt, whisk until fully melted and immediately drizzle from the whisk or a spoon into glasses for serving.

Set glasses aside, or for faster setting, place in the freezer.

Place milk, hot cocoa and 2 cups ice in blender. Blend until smooth.

Add remaining cup of ice and pulse so that it is not completely smooth.

Pour into glasses for serving.

Top with marshmallows (or whipped cream)

*Any milk, or non dairy milk, can be used. The higher the fat content in the milk, the creamier the final drink will be!

**Any chocolate can be used, from white to milk to dark, the higher the quality of the chocolate the smoother it will be when melted