Use your favorite pancake mix, or make your pancakes from scratch – you likely have made pancakes before – right?

Turn on the heat to medium on your stove with a large pan ready for cook time.

While the pan is heating, crack an egg and pour in a tablespoon of vanilla and shake cinnamon to taste

Whisk until almost smooth, but don’t over do it

Prep chocolate chips in a small bowl beside your cooking area

Using a 1/4 cup measuring cup, in a buttered pan, pour pancake mix into pan when butter or oil slightly bubbles but is not brown

Watch your pancakes closely – you will know it is time to flip then when the bubbles are present across the whole pancake

After putting down the last pancake, place chocolate chips in each pancake, this will let them sink in before you flip – trust us- less mess and looks pretty rather than chocolate melted all over the flipper, pan and … your plate.

When you have placed all chocolate chips, it is usually time to flip the first ones – remember: bubbles mean nice golden color on other side

Oh yeah, that looks great and smells delicious. Now, watch the middle or sides around the pancake, they will show you when they are done – it should not be runny in the center and the other side should be golden and ready too.

Remove from heat and plate

Garnish or serve with whipped cream (your favorite type, we like coconut cream)